The 10 activities to do with children when it rains!

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It’s raining! Your stay could have started better! The children are getting impatient behind the window, dreaming of all the beautiful walks you talked about when preparing your vacation. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans…
Don’t panic! We have solutions!

In the Pays d’Issoire, many activities are offered even in rainy weather.
So smile and follow us, we’ll give you all our tips!

Hotel d'Aureilhe

Photo de l’Hôtel d’Aureilhe - © Office de Tourisme Auvergne Pays d’Issoire

The Hotel D’Aureilhe Villeneuve

Direction Villeneuve Lembron, a 4-minute drive or less than 30-minute walk away.
Come and discover the Hôtel d’Aureilhe, the former castle of Villeneuve, listed in the Supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments.
This building consists of a keep dating back to the early 11th century, the hotel proper dating back to the 15th century.
You will also find a second enclosure and residential buildings.
The keep and hotel have been renovated using traditional and environmentally friendly techniques.
The second enclosure is currently being restored.

L'abri Escape Gamme à Issoire

Photo de L’abri escape game - © Office de Tourisme Auvergne Pays d’Issoire

L’abri escape game 

Let’s change universe and go on a mission to discover the escape games offered by L’Abri in Issoire.
Do you like playing characters, investigating mysterious disappearances, searching hideouts for clues?
Then dive into the different scenarios created by L’Abri.

Cinéma le Modern à Issoire

Photo du cinéma le Modern - © Office de Tourisme Auvergne Pays d’Issoire

Cinéma le Modern

Let’s stay in Issoire and go relax in one of the 3 theaters at Le Modern cinema.
There’s no doubt you’ll find a movie that will delight both young and old.

Centre aqualudique à Issoire dans le Puy-de-Dôme

Photo centre aqualudique - © Office de Tourisme Auvergne Pays d’Issoire

Aqualudic Center

How about going for a swim at the aquatic center of Issoire?
With its indoor pools, wellness area, and outdoor leisure area, you can enjoy the benefits of aquatic activities offered throughout the year.

Let’s dive in!

Musée de la pierre Philosophale à Issoire

Photo du musée de la pierre philosophale - © Office de Tourisme Auvergne Pays d’Issoire

Philisophal Stone Museum

If the name “Philosopher’s Stone” doesn’t evoke anything related to a famous magician, but rather to minerals, then this place is made for you.
The Museum of the Philosopher’s Stone brings together more than 1,200 mineralogical samples collected in French territory by the passionate founder.
An ideal visit for bad weather.

Photo du centre d’art contemporain C Karoutzos - © Office de Tourisme Auvergne Pays d’Issoire

C Karoutzos Contemporary Art Center

Come and discover nearly 300 works created by 60 artists of all sensitivities.
From painting to poetry, including video and sound media, the contemporary art center presents numerous timeless and refined creations.
You will also find limited edition art books.

Photo du Château de Parentignat - © Office de Tourisme Auvergne Pays d’Issoire

Parentignat Castle

Let’s head to Parentignat to discover the “Little Versailles of Auvergne”.
By exploring the fully and sumptuously furnished enfilades, you can admire one of the most exceptional private collections of French Masters paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries.
You will end your visit in the beautiful English park where a geocaching adventure among the trees awaits you.

Photo de la maison de l’Améthyste - © Office de Tourisme Auvergne Pays d’Issoire

Amethyst House

Just 35 minutes away from our establishment, the Amethyst House welcomes you for walks and discovery workshops in the heart of the Auvergne amethyst deposit. Geology enthusiasts or curious visitors, come and collect this stone and leave with your own pickings of this mineral with purple reflections.

Musée de la Mine à Brassac-les-Mines, proche de la ville d'Issoire.

Photo du musée de la mine - © Office de Tourisme Auvergne Pays d’Issoire

Mining museum

Let’s stay in the mineral universe and explore the Mining Museum in Brassac-les-Mines.
In the heart of the southern Puy-de-Dôme mining basin, immerse yourself in the 5 centuries of history of Auvergne coal mining.
The museum sheds light on the difficult job of underground miners as well as their daily life.

Photo du musée de la locomotion - © Office de Tourisme Auvergne Pays d’Issoire

Locomotion Museum

Just a few steps away from the mine museum but in a completely different category, this museum opens its doors to you to discover the history of locomotion through time. More than 80 vehicles spread over 1500 m² of exhibition will make you relive the rise and diversity of this fantastic invention.
For young and old, to be enjoyed without moderation!

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